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TESOL Courses


  • TESOL, or “Teaching English to speakers of other languages”, is to teach English to students with English as a second language. The certificate is known as “Qualification Certificate of TESOL International English Teacher.”


  • The TESOL certificate is issued by the American TESOL Institute and is a globally recognized professional qualification certificate for ESL teachers that acknowledge the holder’s English teaching skills have met the international standard defined by the UNESCO. The effectiveness and authority of TESOL are fully recognized in the world.


  • Holding a TESOL certificate means that the holder is an expert in English language training and has the qualifications to teach English as a second language in the world. TESOL certificate holders are widely welcomed in the field of English education in all countries and have the access to the international professional market directly.



  • Senior and experienced Australian TESOL foreign teachers.
  • Perfect combination of online and offline teaching methods, overseas training experience, reasonable tuition, cost-effectiveness.
  • Globally recognized TESOL certificate from an Australian University (such as Macquarie University, Griffith University, Southern Cross University) after the completion of the courses.
  • Top broadcast equipment to ensure the quality of teaching. Depending on the environments, remote teaching systems and equipment such as Cloudzst, Cisco, and Logitech are used.



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