Sister Schools

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Project Significance


  • In response to the national call that “Education is a common carrier of civilization heritage and strengthening international cooperation and exchanges in education is an inevitable trend of historical development”.
  • Establish and develop sister schools to exchange their experience in school management and teaching management
  • Enhance the mutual understanding and trust between the administrators, teachers and students of the two schools
  • Enhance the international level of both schools and build them into real international campuses
  • Strengthen the friendship between Chinese and foreign students and improve the students’ ability to communicate
  • Promote the economic, educational, technological and cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign schools
  • Adapt to the new trend of global diversification.

Project Description

  • To promote Chinese and foreign partner schools to establish sisterhood relationship, to assist them in establishing direct relationship, and to provide sister school consulting for local schools
  • To assist in maintaining and developing existing sister school relations and in carrying out activities, to processing formalities for visits of delegations
  • To help local education bureaus and schools with establishing direct and external education connections with foreign educational bureaus and schools
  • To assist school enterprises in establishing economic ties and maintaining exchanges with foreign counterparts.

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