Real Estate Purchasing, Immigration, Overseas Asset Purchasing

Real Estate Purchasing, Immigration, Overseas Asset Purchasing

We not only giving you the education plan, we provide comprehensive family solution.

We provide not only overseas education plans for the children but also comprehensive and in-depth family solutions.

Goyouth deeply understands that the families shall face a number of problems and needs overseas after their children goes abroad to study. So in addition to the worldwide follow-up services which shall escort your family, Goyouth International shall also provide assistance in real estate purchasing, immigration and overseas asset purchasing. Therefore the Goyouth International Holding Group is established in San Francisco, USA, with main business of real estate purchasing, immigration and overseas asset purchasing and providing comprehensive services for Goyouth customers.

Real estate purchasing:

The “house for school” mode is now more and more popular in families with child studying overseas. The high rents make them consider purchasing real estates, which can give them a stable residence to avoid the various problems in moving around. Leveraged down payment (usually 10% -30% or so) is allowed, and the owner can make investment management through paying the mortgage by rent.

Goyouth International has maintained long-term cooperative relations with Berkeley Group developers, Gelubosiqi Group and Yingchen Real Eastate in the UK.

Goyouth International has strategic partnership relationship with Australia Metricon developers and Australia International.

Goyouth International has long-term partnership relationship with Better Homes and Gardens, GGP,and HORTONS developers in the US.


Braches of Goyouth International in Australia, Canada, the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Portugal has established good relationships with local governments and project developers (infrastructure, housing, hotels, medical care, etc.) and can provide appropriate immigration programs for education customers of Goyouth. We believe that the customer can only know if a country and a immigration program is suitable for him by staying there himself.


In the background of gradual devaluation of the RMB and depression of the substantial economy, families will have to make arrangements for their wealth and overseas assets in addition to education and real estate purchasing.

Goyouth has years of cooperation experience with many class A insurance companies in the US such as TRANSAMERICA,NATION LIFE and NEW YORK LIFE. Also it cooperates with PALLAS GLOBAL FUTURES LLC and PALLAS GLOBAL CAPITAL LLC in the US to provide global asset allocation and wealth management services such as stock, bonds, futures, etc. for customers to achieve preservation, appreciation and inheritance of their wealth.

We provide financial, consulting and education and training services such as financing (private and public), investment and M&A for domestic enterprises to help them make effective use the international financial capital market and carry out investment.

All-around services

  • Global asset allocation and wealth management
  • International investment, M&A and business development consulting
  • Education and training for cross-generation global financial talents, and training and other value-added services for corporate elites and executives


Diversified financial products

  • Insurance products
  • Stocks (brokerage services, managing account wealth management)
  • Bonds (brokerage services, managing account wealth management)
  • Futures (brokerage services, managing account wealth management)
  • Options (brokerage services, managing account wealth management)
  • Hedge fund
  • Structured financial products
  • Venture capital funds (VC) and private equity funds (PE)
  • Real estate (brokerage services, rent management, real estate funds) M&A
  • Other services



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