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英国 Studying in UK

The oldest aristocratic education. The private boarding schools are the cradle for world elites. There are many boarding schools to save the worries about host families. The purest Western education.

Unique Advantages

Aristocratic private education, world-renowned reputation. Easier access to famous universities in the United Kingdom or the United States, Australia and Canada. Many boarding schools to facilitate student management.



There are hundreds of private boarding schools offering school education from the age of 5. Admission to top feeder schools can secure the admission to top public schools.


School Selection

Private or Public


Public schools require low tuition and deliver guaranteed teaching quality. Private schools have expertise in different fields and gather children of social elites. They also require higher admission threshold.


In-school students study in the appropriate grades. Junior high school students study GCSE, while high school students study ALEVEL.


Applicants have to pass the entrance English exams and video interviews. Some of the top schools also require IELTS result.


Tuition Fee

Public: RMB 200,000 to 250,000

Private: RMB 300,000 to 400,000



The student visa is valid for the length of the course and extra half a year to facilitate the renewal or other arrangements.



Simple materials, small bank guarantee, high issuance rate.



Children under 12 years old can have a parent to accompany them in the UK. For children over 12 years old, the schools will arrange guardians to them. Parents of children under 12 years old hold Guardian Visa.



Foreigners who have lived in the UK for ten years can apply for permanent residence. Those who study in the UK from primary school or at the age of 11 or 12 can apply for permanent residence when they are undergraduates or graduates. Undergraduates of shortage majors can apply for Tier 2 work visa when they graduate and have an employer who can guarantee for them. After having worked for a certain number of years and meeting the annual salary requirement, the employees can apply for immigration.


Advantages of Secondary Schools in the UK

British education has a pivotal influence in the world and influences the education systems in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Here are the advantages of studying in high schools in the UK:

Undergraduate Program without Preparatory Courses:

After finishing high school, international students can apply for universities in the UK without going through the preparatory courses.

High University Enrollment Rate:

University enrollment rate of more than 95%. Most graduates are admitted into the top 20 universities in the UK. Many high school teachers have a master’s degree or even a doctoral degree, and have deep attainment in their field of expertise.

Extensive Course Options:

High schools in the UK offer extensive course options. In addition to such basic courses as mathematics and English, many schools provide arts, sports, science and technology courses to meet the interests and learning needs of different students. In addition, students can also study A-Level courses based on their own strength and preference to further increase their competitiveness in university application.

Extracurricular Activities:

High schools in the UK embrace a variety of extracurricular activities to help students develop in an all-round way. These extracurricular activities include: various troupes, dance troupes, sports teams, literary groups, community activities and volunteer services. Students can learn more about their hobbies and decide their future profession and career through these extracurricular activities.



Secondary Education System in the United Kingdom

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)


GCSE, or General Certificate of Secondary Education, is equivalent to the junior high school graduation exam diploma in China. The courses are slightly more difficult than the junior high school courses in China.


Duration: 1 or 2 years


A-LEVEL (Advanced Certificate of General education)


It is equivalent to the high school graduation exam diploma in China. The curriculum is flexible. Students need to select at least three courses based on their background and development direction to apply for university. The difficulty in curriculum and university application is much lower than that in China.


Duration: 2 years


Public Secondary Schools vs Private Secondary Schools

Public secondary schools


They generally have a long history, receive government subsidies, and require low tuition fees. The admission threshold is relatively low and the curricula are diverse. There are many local students. International students can quickly integrate into the local culture and improve their English ability fast.


Private Secondary Schools


They have a long history, strong teachers, and small class teaching. They offer colorful extracurricular activities and pay attention to developing a wide range of interests and widening the thoughts of students. Security is not a problem, no matter for boarding or day schools. They offer a chance to communicate with students of different cultural backgrounds.



Differences between Day School and Boarding School

Secondary Day School


Students are required to live in local host families.


Security: Britain is a safe place and the short gap between rich and poor contributes to the building of a good environment; host families are rigorously screened, with factors like facilities, family relation and crime history evaluated carefully; after they are determined, the selected host families need to register in the local police station; school staff will visit and inspect the host families regularly.


Advantages: Students can truly learn about British family customs and understand the British culture. Living in a purely English environment puts students in a better position to fully understand the British culture and history and to get familiar with the British environment as soon as possible.


Disadvantages: There is less time left to communicate with classmates and the international students need some time to adapt to the living environment of a different family.


Boarding Schools


Closed-off Management


Security: Students have to stay in the school and are not allowed to go out without permission. They have to study, eat and live in the school and permission from the guardians must be obtained if they want to go out on weekends. The school provides a full range of services for students and takes care of them from life, diet and accommodation. The students can get treatment in the school clinic when they fell sick or not well. When more serious symptoms occur, they will be transferred to a large hospital and get free treatment.



Advantages: Students can experience the life in British boarding schools. By living in the same environment, students can be befriend with classmates faster. The school staff will give students close guidance and care. Living in school help cultivate students’ sense of autonomy.


Disadvantage: Students cannot experience the life in British families.







Basic information: academic ranking 4 #, girls’ school, boarding, Birmingham


Features: Very high teaching quality as a traditional girls’ school, excellent university enrollment rate, heavily invested dormitory




Basic information: academic ranking 103 #, coeducational, boarding, opposite to the University of Cambridge


Features: English and IELTS tutoring, music course; physical exercise, sports games, an average of more than 50 social events per semester, abundant social opportunities to enhance social skills.




Basic information: academic ranking 42 #, coeducational, boarding, York City


Features: the oldest school in the world, founded in 627 AD, 10% of the graduates admitted to Oxford and Cambridge, small class teaching, an average of 6-8 students in each class




Basic information: exclusive school, coeducational, boarding, Denbighshire


Features: One-on-one mentorship and homework tutoring, super large campus, four tennis courts, one swimming pool, one indoor basketball arena, and rock climbing, equestrian and archery facilities. SAT courses for application for Ivy League in the United States. Training by teachers of the Ivy League and Russell Group.




Basic information: academic rankings 66 #, coeducational, boarding, Dorset


Features: One of the most beautiful schools in the UK, four Cambridge University Pre-U courses, unique Oxford and Cambridge application programs, SAT test center for students who wish to apply for American universities, IGCSE system




Basic information: academic ranking 53 #, boys’ school, boarding, Bedford


Features: traditional boys’ school, the heavily invested largest music school in the UK, first-class teaching studios of sculpture, pottery and aesthetics. More than 30 extracurricular clubs as good places for entertainment, communication and study of students.


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