Australia  Studying in Australia

Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. British education in junior and senior high schools. Rich education resources in primary, junior and senior high school levels. Both public and private schools are open to international students. Lenient accompanying policy and excellent social environment.

Unique Advantages

Long-term guardian visa to take care of the children.

Good economic development and easy employment.

Perfect protection for international students (OSHC insurance).

Country of immigrants.

Lowest Grade Accepted

Children aged over 6 can be accepted into Grade 1 in primary schools.

School Selection

Private or public


Select the appropriate grade in Australia according to age and the grade finished in the domestic school.

Admission Requirements

Public schools do not require a language examination or they require pre-school English courses for 20 weeks. Applicants of Grade 11 shall not be over 19 years old and applicants of Grade 10 shall not be over 18 years old. The threshold to private schools is high and some of them may require AEAS exam and interview.

Tuition Fee

Public: RMB 180,000 to 200,000

Private: RMB 200,000 to 300,000

Student Visa Policy

Students of Grade 1 to Grade 4 have to apply for a student visa with a validity period of two years and renewal after expiration; students of Grade 4 or above in primary schools should apply for a study permit with a validity period of up to 5 years.

Visa Application

Electronic visa, simply procedure, simple materials, high issuance rate.



Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by their parents. Parents can accompany their children until they are 18 years old. Afterwards, they can apply for tourist or family visitor visa to visit their children frequently.


Immigration Policy After Graduation

Undergraduates or graduates (of shortage majors) can apply for s 2-year PSW visa after graduation. An employee who has an employer may apply for immigration if he or she has the guarantee of the employer and or the government.


Advantages of Primary and Secondary Schools in Australia

  • Schools are funded by the government, with high quality and reasonable tuition fees.
  • Private schools follow the British tradition and cultivate social elites.
  • Entrance examination is not the only criterion; academic performance at school and extracurricular activities are considered in evaluation.
  • Australian education focuses on developing students’ expertise and quality education and offers a wide range of courses.
  • Parents can apply for a long-term dependent visa to take care of their children until they are 18 years old.
  • County of immigrants that offer extensive channels of immigration after graduation.

Secondary Education System in Australia

  • As in China, Australian secondary schools adopt a six-year education system. The difference is that the junior high schools in Australia require four years of study (Grade 7-10) and the senior high schools require two years of study (Grade 11-12). During the two years in high school, students generally need to study 6-8 academic courses.


  •  In Australia, the undergraduate program is generally three years, although a small number of majors may require four years.

Recommended schools

Public Schools:

Local students occupy a lion share of the public high schools in Australia, leaving limited quotas for international students (not more than 10%). This creates a good language environment. The teaching facilities and teachers are coordinated and assigned by the Departments of Education in the provinces. Grade 12 students have to take the high school graduation examination and the results will be a factor to evaluate in university admission. The applications for university admission are reviewed and approved by the Departments of Education in the provinces and usually the guardians, the pick-up service and the accommodation are also arranged directly by the provincial Departments of Education.

Private Schools:

Australian private secondary schools generally have long histories and enjoy good local reputation. Students are mainly from high-income families of lawyers, doctors, social officials and celebrities, so the quality and sources of students are well guaranteed. These schools have more rigorous management and safety protection and send living and academic reports of the students to their parents regularly. Because these schools maintain close relationships with local universities and the outside world, they provide university preparatory courses and IB courses, leaving a wide range of options for high school students to choose from.


Public Education Bureau of New South Wales


Marsden High School and Marsden Intensive English Centre

Macquarie is a coeducational school located near the famous Macquarie University. The school has its independent language center and provides the best language support and academic support for international students among public schools in Sydney; its university enrollment rate is 95%.

Blakehurst High School

Blakehurst is a coeducational school located in about 15 km southwest of Sydney downtown, with elegant surroundings. Although the school does not have its independent language center, liberal arts, especially language courses, are one of its major features. Students who perform well in liberal arts may consider it.

Kogarah High School and Kogarah Intensive English Centre

Kogarah has its independent language center and complete facilities, and provide very strong pre-class language counseling support. For newcomers who are not proficient in language, Kogarah is a very good choice.

Parramatta High School

Founded on January 1, 1913, Parramatta High School is the oldest coeducational school in Sydney. The school is located in the west of Parramatta District, where Chinese are concentrated in West Sydney, and is about 20 km from the downtown. The school runs a Chinese course. It does not have its independent language center. Due to convenient transportation, students study in the Sydney Language Center or North Sydney Language Center affiliated to the Education Bureau. Because the school is close to the Chinese district, many early Chinese immigrants in Australia tend to recommend this school to their latecomer relatives.


Public Education Bureau of Victoria

Buckley Park Secondary College

The school is located in the outskirts of Melbourne. 97% of the students receive the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and more than 82% of the students are admitted in to the institutions of higher education in Victoria.

Balwyn High School

Balwyn High School is a well-known coeducational high school in Victoria, Australia. Founded in 1954 as a public high school, Balwyn is known for its high quality teaching and is in no way inferior to some expensive private high schools. It has been ranked among the top 15 of public high schools in the annual evaluation of the Education Bureau Victoria for years and excellent students take up 23% of the total, a number far higher than the levels of average high schools. Senior students have the opportunity to attend the specially designed courses of colleges so that they will be able to earn extra credits when they are studying at these colleges.

Debney Park Secondary College

Founded in 1905 as a boys’ school, Melbourne High School is an elite boys’ school that has the right to independent enrollment. It provides secondary education from Grade 9 to Grade 12. The school has been one of the top secondary schools in Australia for many years and is committed to cultivating and discovering best thinkers and leaders for Australia. The selective entrance examination allows the school to select and train the best middle school students in Australia. The consistent excellent teaching quality ensures the academic performance of students. The VCE scores of its graduates are much higher than the average level of Victoria, making the school ranked among the top in Victoria.

Collingwood College

Located in the downtown of Melbourne, Collingwood College is a coeducational school that is ranked 6th in Victoria. 100% of its students receive the Victoria Certificate of Education (VCE) and 100% of the students are admitted into institutions of higher education in Victoria.


Wesley College

The school has excelled in academic performance over the years, and former Australian Prime Minister Howard is an alumnus. It is one of the most prestigious elite schools in Australia and plays an important role in the education history of the country. Wesley College has three campuses in Melbourne: Glen Waverley, Elsternwick and Prahran.

Ivanhoe Grammar School

Founded in 1915, Ivanhoe Grammar School is a private coeducational school. The school boasts of superior academic performance and top VCE results in Victoria; its VCE courses include Chinese elective; it is one of the few local schools that operate their independent language center for international students in Melbourne, Australia.

Scotch College

Scotch College is the top private school in Melbourne and one of the best boys’ school in the city. Founded in 1851, it has a history of 160 years. The school is located on the bank of the Yarra River and Hawthorn, a brownstone district in Melbourne. The school facilities are luxurious: three swimming pools, a gymnasium, 38 tennis courts, three squash courts, a large indoor stadium, a basketball court, and 7 outdoor standard stadiums for football, rugby, hockey and cricket games. The school area also covers an 80-acre forest and a seaside resort.

Knox Grammar School

Knox Grammar School is one of the largest boys’ schools in Australia. Built in 1924, it has a long history of 90 years. It provides a comprehensive curriculum and offers education certificates from kindergarten to Grade 12 in Victoria. 7% of the Grade 12 graduates get more than 99 points in the ATAR (equivalent to the college entrance examination), taking up 1% of the total top scorers in the state. More than 45% of its students get more than 90 points in the ATAR. The school has a developed computer teaching system and computer is used in teaching from Grade 7.

Melbourne Grammar

Melbourne Grammar was established in 1858 and has a long history. It is a prestigious British Anglican church school, one of the top private independent boys’ schools, and one of the G20 secondary schools. It boasts of three Australian Prime Ministers as its alumni. It has three campuses and performs well in drama, art, music and sports. The school encourages students to challenge themselves and provide rich extra-curricular activities. It focuses on cultivating students’ self-care ability.

Caulfield Grammar School

Founded in 1881, Coffield Grammar School is one of the most prestigious private coeducational school in Australia. It is an Anglican private boarding school located in St Kilda East, Melbourne City. In 2013, it was ranked 20th in the state. During the studies in the high school, capable students may study the freshmen courses of university.



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