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Go Youth has established good relationships with more than 600 top schools and their admission officers in the following countries.
United Kingdom

The oldest aristocratic education. The private boarding schools are the cradle for world elites. There are many boarding schools to save the worries about host families. The purest Western education.




Beautiful scenery and pleasant weather. British education in junior and senior high schools. Rich education resources in primary, junior and senior high school levels. Both public and private schools are open to international students. Lenient accompanying policy and excellent social environment.


13New Zealand

Perfect education system, high education level, cost-effectiveness, low tuition, beautiful environment, comfortable life, extensive immigration opportunities.




Low threshold for admission into public education, good cost-effectiveness. The private independent education follows the British tradition and is of high quality. High admission rate to famous universities in North America. Lenient accompanying policy and excellent social environment.




Perfect basic education, bilingual teaching, equal emphasis on Chinese and English. The Singapore Government opens the Primary School Elite program to Chinese students. Lower tuition than in domestic international schools or bilingual schools. Stringent laws, stable social environment that makes the country a suitable choice for young students.


United States

Generally speaking, students have to choose 6 courses form the major courses in grade 11, while they are suggested to select only 5 courses in grade 12. All major courses can basically be divided into three categories. The first category is English, which belongs to compulsory courses, the second category is science category, including physics, chemistry, basic mathematics, etc., and the third category is liberal arts, including economy, accounting, Chinese, etc.



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