Follow-up Services

Follow-up Services

We firmly believe that our program shall not only help the students to successfully get offers from overseas schools, but also assist them in having a smooth and safe experience of studying abroad. Whether the students’ academic performance, lives and safety can be ensured is the key concern of parents


To this end, the overseas branches of Go Youth provide the following follow-up services to overseas students throughout the world

1. Visits by guardians and parent representatives

  • Parent representatives shall communicate with the schools in the first time: visit the schools regularly, and communicate teachers face to face, to understand the real school performance of the students and avoid language barriers in communication, thus to avoid causing poor school record due to slow feedback.
  • Help students to purchase the necessary stuff for study and living.
  • Communicate with parents at any time, to give feedback on their children’s academic and living conditions in time.
  • Guide your child to adapt to studying and living abroad at any time, and equip them with necessary skills.
  • Provide parents with further study and tutoring programs in the process according to the students’ conditions, and recommend and help to purchase learning materials (cost for books and materials are not included).
  • Participate in activities and performances on behalf of the parents, make videos and take photos, and send them to the parents.
  • Follow-up academic report: submit one comprehensive academic capacity and development test report during the contract period, and one academic track and analysis report for each semester to the parents, to timely adjust the students’ pace of learning.


2.Top teacher private education:

one-on-one extra-curricular tutoring by gold quality foreign teachers; the teachers shall be those who currently work or have worked in elite schools with abundant teaching experience and have the successful experience of helping students getting offers.

3.Housekeeper services

in London, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Lisbon. To ensure smooth, relaxed and worry-free living in abroad.

  • Landing counseling: provide one-on-one landing service.
  • Airport pick-up: provide special airport pick-up and arrange temporary accommodation.
  • Medical registration: recommend registered family doctors (GP) for new immigrants.
  • Bank account: assist in opening bank accounts.
  • Police registration: accompany the new immigrants to register in local police stations.
  • Language improving: help arrange English training courses.
  • Home shopping: accompany the students or the parents in their first time shopping such as buying furniture, electrical appliances, bedroom and kitchen supplies.
  • Living information: provide detailed guide to the local life, including shopping environment and market information.
  • Cultural adaptation: help the customer to get familiar with local living environment and cultures, and assist in getting subway cards, student discounts, books, cards, etc.
  • Financial management: help customers get overseas financial investment and management information.
  • Phone & Internet: to assist in connecting telephone and Internet.
  • Driver ‘s license application: help to get information of driving schools, and assist in obtaining or changing the driver ‘s license.
  • Car purchasing: assist in the purchase of cars and auto insurance services – introduce top dealers, help in negotiations, and provide assistance in car registration and insurance.
  • Real estate investment: provide advice for real estate investment, help handle the ownership transfer procedures, and help apply for housing loans.
  • House renting: senior real estate brokers provide one-stop services of house renting and purchasing.
  • Moving services: to help contact moving services
  • Settlement services: to help get water, electricity and gas resources and television licenses.
  • Establishment of companies: assist in company registration and operation of businesses, including the purchase of commercial real estate.
  • Advisory services: advisory services for opening up overseas companies.
  • Family planning: introduce senior lawyers and accountants to assist with all related matters of the family’s follow-up plan.



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