Study tour is one of the most traditional learning and education mode in various civilizations. The story of “Five Oriental Bachelors Give Congratulations on the Birth of Jesus Christ” in the Bible and the travels of Italian traveler Marco Polo in China reveal rich information of ancient Orient-Occident study tour exchanges. The Chinese folks have attached great importance to the role of study tour in personality development and knowledge formation since ancient times.
Confucius led the disciples to travel around the world to enhance their knowledge, cultivate their quality and broaden their horizons. There has also been a well-known Chinese adage of “Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles” since ancient times.


Study tour in the modern educational sense refers to a kind of international cross-cultural experiential education mode created in the trend of peace and globalization in the 20th century and gradually matured ever since. Colleges, technical secondary schools and social institutions have set up study tour programs for young people domestic and abroad to actively encourage and properly guide them to visit environments of different cultures and immerse themselves in it, to learn and understand foreign cultures, histories and traditions in foreign languages through personal experience and to improve their foreign language at the same time.
It has been proved by practices that study tours can offer young students cultural exploration and discovery journeys with far-reaching educational significance, which can cultivate their cultural quality and cultural tolerance, enhance understanding of and respect for various cultures as well as enable them a better understanding and inherit age of their own cultures, histories and traditions, playing particularly important role and reaching a good effect in language intensive training, ideological and moral education, personality education, cultural knowledge education, world peace education, etc., and receiving great attention from governments and education sectors of various countries and relevant international organizations and institutions. Study tours has become a global trend of the times that combines education, culture and tourism, and has been welcomed by young students around the world.


  • Improve Language Skills
    Create a real language learning environment for the students through study touring in the overseas. You can improve your oral English skills by living in Singapore resorts. In addition, only by living with an ordinary foreign family together for a month or even longer can you really get to know local cultures. Culture is an abstract concept: it takes the form of different cultural patterns when appears in the book, but it is rather specific, concrete and intuitive when reflected in everyone’s life. Study tours are the process to transform abstract culture concepts into concrete situations.
  • Broaden Young People’s Horizons
    The students shall better understand of the present and the future of the mankind through exploration of different civilizations, deeply understand their own nationalities and countries through experiencing different cultures, improve their foreign language skills and find out more about classroom knowledge in observation and studying of foreign societies and lives, and broaden their horizons through the experience. Through the rich and colorful study tour activities, young people are encouraged to take part in social practice, understand the national conditions and people’s livelihood, keep the pulse of the times, cultivate their practical and innovation abilities, tastes and characters, and reach the realm of “Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles”.
  • Cultivating Independent Personality
    Youth is the golden age in one’s life to seek self ego, develop self-confidence and cultivate independent personality. Through independent living in foreign countries, young students can not only learn the responsible attitude to life in early time but also accept international education, be familiar with the foreign language, get in-depth understanding of various foreign cultures, learn excellent cultural traditions, broaden horizons and expand interpersonal relationships.
  • Experience Multiculturalism
    Students can learn about the excellent histories and cultures of the mankind, explore historical sites of various civilizations, experience different cultures, learn to respect the common cultural, linguistic and spiritual heritage of the mankind, learn to tolerate different social, political and religious beliefs, and inherit and enrich the common cultural and moral values of the mankind, so as to establish and uphold the humanitarian values and the spirit of democracy, freedom and tolerance universally accepted by the human society.

    The ancients regarded study tours as an important way to broaden horizon, increase knowledge and improve capability, and put forward the ancient study mode of “Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles”. Tours and studying are complementary-knowledge learned in the classroom can be practices in tours, and new knowledge can be got in tours. Therefore, the “Study Tour Camp” is neither pure tour nor pure learning, instead it covers language learning and visit tours, is the mode between touring and learning and integrates learning and touring at the same time.



Main themes of the study tour camps are to broaden the students’ international perspective, enrich their life experience, enhance their initiative, cultivate their personality and internationalized and diversified cultural ideas and thinking habits; to train relatively independent viability and relative independent financing ability, and learn how to cooperate with others; to accept the advanced overseas education system, get edification of the educational philosophy, experience the unique West Coast English teaching style and pure English learning atmosphere, enable students to have a perceptual knowledge and discrimination for foreign schools, education models and quality, etc., to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful natural scenery of Singapore…In all, our theme is to lay a solid foundation for the students for their future development including studying abroad.


  1. Quickly improve the level of English in pure English environment;
  2. Live with local families or in student dormitories to understand foreign lifestyle and school environment;
  3. To interact with foreign students in class and experience the unique foreign learning mode;
  4. Establish international friendship and make foreign friends;
  5. Improve independence and cultivate team spirit;
  6. Visit the famous international institutions and establish the great ideal of life;
  7. Visit world attractions and enjoy the beautiful scenery;
  8. Develop good visa records which can help the students to obtain visas smoothly for studying abroad in the future;

Study tour is not pure enjoyment but a kind of experience of life, which can enable the students participate in international activities and get involved the internationalization process, and experience foreign cultures, lifestyles and atmosphere, which shall improve the students’ independence, be an invisible wealth of the life’s journey, increase their experience and knowledge, cultivate their thinking habits in a globalization perspective, leave them a memory never to be forgot in the lifetime, and make them feel the endless joy of living in harmony with nature.

Studying abroad is a big choice in life, and Go Youth understands deeply that it’s very hard for the children and the family to choose the right destination without letting the children experience real local customs and learning environment in advance. So Go Youth has set up winter camp programs and summer camp programs in various education destinations around the world, designed to allow children experience in-depth overseas study in 2-4 weeks, and feel the culture and learning environment of different countries, so as to lay a solid foundation for the future choice of studying abroad.


Being highly customized and with compact itinerary and several to one star service, the program ensures successful publication of the papers, giving you experience and wealth that can benefit you for the lifetime.

Essence of overseas research: Foreign elite schools will be particularly concerned about the students’ participation in the globalization and academic capacity (including critical thinking and innovative spirit) in comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s conditions. Through targeted and influential overseas practice research, we can make applicants from China more competitive and reflect their spirit of commitment and civic awareness in globalization. We will guide students to complete specific research tasks in different fields by using meticulous judgment, accurate analysis, good leadership and communication skills. After the research is done, Go Youth will tutor the students in a one-to-one way to carry out in-depth case study on research results, write English research reports, and contribute to well-known English media or academic journals for publication.


Before the trip, Muse’s instructors will guide the students to answer their own questions through the Internet based on the essential desk research knowledge of the school, and help them to develop independent reading, thinking and information searching habits instead of waiting for others to prepare everything for the trip for them.

  1. Information search ability / ability to solve problems independently
  2. Interview ability and article writing ability
  3. Independent living and working ability, self-protection awareness


  1. International vision: contact with Chinese and foreign scholars and international organizations and medias to understand international frontiers
  2. Elite relationships: life-long friends and life tutors from the world’s top schools.
  3. McKinsey-style efficient thinking and work patterns: efficient thinking and work mode guidance from the international business and academic environments, to complete the task training in high-intensity within short time.




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