Course Transition

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Course Transition

United Kingdom: Pre-A Level

United States: academic model (1 + 3), academic model (2 + 2), academic model (1 + 2), academic model (2 + 1)

  • Transition to Pre-A Level Courses of the UK

About Pre-A Level :

Pre-A level is the preparatory courses for A level and is provided for students of different education systems to better adapt to the A-level courses and to make up the Gap year*. It mainly includes the basic courses of a major and language learning skill courses.

*Gap year: In the United Kingdom, the Chinese students are required to study A level at the age of 16, while most of the Chinese junior high school graduates are 15 years old. To make up the gap, they may study the Pre-A level courses.

Advantages of Pre-A Level:

  • Pre-A Level courses are offered by British elite secondary schools along with credits and student status.
  • Pre-A Level is accredited by a number of UK institutions and students who complete the courses are admitted to the A Level courses in the institutions. In addition, the students may apply for the A Level courses of institutions with higher rankings.
  • Pre-A Level courses include IELTS courses to lay the foundation for students to obtain higher IELTS results and to apply for A Level courses of institutions with higher rankings and top universities in the UK.
  • Details about AP Courses in the United States

American secondary school diploma and advantages of AP credits for applying for undergraduate programs in the United States

  • Nearly 3,000 universities in more than 40 countries recognize AP credits as a criteria for admission and the exam results are included as credits in the undergraduate stage, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and other world famous universities.
  • The high school AP courses in the United States include 22 categories and 37 disciplines that are universally provided in more than 15,000 high schools in the United States.
  • The AP test result is a 5-point system in a scale from 1,2,3,4 to 5. Generally 3 points or more can be exchanged into credits in college, although some prestigious universities require 4 points or 5 points.
  • The AP courses that students pass in the exam can be used to offset college credits and exempt the students from the corresponding college courses, thereby shortening the learning hours in college, making grade skipping possible, and saving high tuition.

Offline Teachings Training

The existing foreign teachers of the partner schools can accept training delivered by teachers from our institutions in the United States. We will send a fixed number of senior teachers to provide professional training for local teachers in China a number of times every year. They will check samples of student projects, review the collection of students’ works, and evaluate the academic achievements of students.

Online Course Tutoring

  • Install professional equipment in the school, enterprise-class hardware and software integrated teaching platform with large-screen high-definition display to show a vivid classroom
  • The courses will be delivered all by in-service teachers holding the Teaching License issued by the US government online. The local school should provide a teaching assistant on the physical teaching site.
  • Cooperation with the famous American high schools and online high schools in providing Chinese students with high school credit courses and diploma courses synchronously.
  • Transition courses for intercultural studies: Academic English, Literature Reading and Writing, Social Sciences, Science, AP Curriculum, Career Guidance, and science and engineering background upgrading courses
  • Benefits of Transition Courses to Students and Parents

Parents and families may wish to allow a period of time for the children to get prepared at home, so that

  • The children are fully psychologically prepared for their studies abroad through the study and preparations at home.
  • The children can have a comprehensive understanding of the destination country and adapt to the study and life there more quickly in the future.
  • The language skill and the learning and communication ability of the children can be greatly improved.
  • Economic benefits can be secured. The tuition for transition courses at home is 1/3 to 1/2 of the tuition for the same courses studied abroad. To study part of the transition course at home can relieve some of the economic pressure.
  • The parents can evaluate whether their children are suitable to study abroad.
  • Transition Courses of Arts

Bridge project with the alliance of top art institute in the United States

Rhode Island School of Design/School of Continuing Education


List of institutes in the alliance:

  • Rhode Island School of Design (the oldest and most famous design institute in the United States)
  • California Institute of the Arts (its industrial design and interior design are among the top 10 in the United States)
  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design (one of the top art design institute in the United States)
  • Maine College of Art (Its graduates of arts major have the highest employment rate in the United States)
  • Baker College (Its game design is ranked the 9th in the world)
  • Rhode Island School of Design (A super large art institute that covers almost all art categories)


  • Targeted at students who wish to enter the top American art institutes in this project to improve their professional skills and English proficiency
  • To offer a chance to interested students to participate in the art course and design course at Rhode Island School of Design
  • To issue conditional offers to undergraduates of schools as members of the alliance in the project
  • The students who complete the courses in this project can be admitted to the graduate program of a school of the alliance in the project

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