Cooperation in Running Schools


The boom of studying abroad at a young age

With students choosing to study abroad at a younger age, the growing of rich population and the coming of a consumer education era, the international student market grows at a compound rate of 12%. For example, in the United States, the most popular destination for international students,

According to the data of the Department of Homeland Security, 60,815 high school students had held F1 or M1 visa by November 2015, of which 34,578 were Chinese students. From 2013 to 2015, the number of Chinese middle school students in the United States grew from 22,558 to 34,578, with a growth rate of 53%, or 12,020. The record was renewed every year. It is expected that the number of Chinese students in the United States will have been over 60,000 by 2017.

Requirements for internationalization of national basic courses

  • The rigid demand for international comprehensive talents. (the Belt and Road, trade between countries, cultural exchanges between countries)
  • Integration of national curriculum and international curriculum and to improve the comprehensive ability of students in an all-round way.
  • To lay a solid foundation for students with the intention to study abroad.
  • Benefits from cooperation in running schools


Value-added international department: economic and reputation benefits, improve the overall image of the school.

Diversified teaching: integration and complementing domestic courses and overseas courses, bilingual teaching in Chinese and English, cultivating all-round international talents.

Improve the soft power and brand competitiveness of the school: to help the school stand out from more and more peers and develop its own characteristics.

Diversified enrollment needs: to get offers from both domestic and foreign universities, to offer more flexible choices to students.

International training of teachers: The foreign partner will provide professional international teaching training for teachers to improve their overall quality.

Long-term development of courses and AP courses certification.

In-depth international exchange: to establish the “sister schools” relationship.

Successful overseas study cases: The accumulation of successful overseas study cases can help enhance the international image of the school.



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