Success Cases – Canada

Success Cases-Canada 加拿大

Student Cai

Trafalgar Castle School, Grade 11

The school was founded in 1874 and has 100% university enrollment rate. Each of its students gets 4 offers on average. The school requires IELTS (5.5+)/TOEFL (80+) and SSAT (1800+) scores. Student Cai studies in a key high school in China, with 94 score in TOEFL and 2061 score in SSAT. Cai was successfully admitted into Trafalgar Castle School as a Grade 11 students and also got offers Albert and Trinity.

Student Gao

Albert College, Grade 10

The school was founded in 1857 and provides one-year university preparatory courses to ensure that its students are admitted into the ideal universities. The school conducts interview to students who provide high IELTS results. Student Gao applied for Grade 10 with IELTS 6.0. This was not a good language score. However, after receiving our careful interview training, Gao showed her love for the musical in the interview and was admitted into the school successfully.

Student Ma

St. John’s Ranvenscourt School, Grade 10

Founded in 1820, St. John’s Ranvenscourt School is one of the top private schools in Canada. Student Ma was a junior three student in China and intended to apply for Grade 11 after finishing Grade 1 in senior high school. However, the school requires applicants of Grade 11 to provide their IELTS or TOEFL score, while applicants of Grade 10 and below only need to take the school internal exam. In order to improve the success rate of application, we recommend Ma to apply one year earlier. The student passed the school internal exam successfully and got the offer in Grade 10.

Student Zi

Pickering College, Grade 9

Located in Newmarket, Ontario, and founded in 1842, the school provides a global leadership curriculum and many graduates are admitted to the American Ivy League. The school requires only TOEFL Junior score of 750+ and the application deadline is October 31. Student Zi signed a contract with us in May and had not yet taken TOEFL Junior. We first secured an interview with the school and the student performed well. The school intended to give an offer. During the next few months, the student was prepared for TOEFL Junior and scored 789 points. Finally, Pickering College confirmed the offer.




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