Brand Story

Brand Story


A Letter from Rosa to Parents:

As one of the first young international students abroad, Rosa spent her high school years in Australia and was later admitted to the University of Melbourne and the University of Washington, St. Louis. She used to serve in the commodity trading department of the global headquarters of ANZ and became a member of the global trade finance department of HSBC China after returning home. While working, she concurrently pursued the further studies for Master of International Law at the University of Nottingham, UK. She worked and left her footprints in: Melbourne, Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. With the studying and working experience across three continents over the years, she is well aware of the hardships of young Chinese students who study abroad and importance of cultivating the world citizens with international vision.


Having experienced unfair treatment in the host family and the pain for not being able to integrate into the Western culture and society due to cultural shock, Rosa hopes help more students who intend to study abroad and benefit them by providing them with a good and clear plan and training their comprehensive “soft power” quality before they start the journey. Go Youth also offers follow-up academic guidance and maintains effective communication with parents. It is committed to cultivating students to become competitive and intellectual citizens with critical thinking and exploration capacity of the world.


Go Youth founder Rosa first put up the concept of “cultural shock” and “negative cultural impact” for overseas talents during their abroad study and employment after return, and she talked about this topic in the We are youthful column in the Oriental Finance. A startup project named “Haiguiqiao” was born under these two concepts and was ranked among the top 10 projects from more than 200 candidates from nearly one hundred countries in the 2016 Zhongguancun Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurship Conference.


GO YOUTH International was born under this context. The brand is committed to providing international education programs for young students and being their guide while they grow. It accompanies the children in the journey of pursuing international education, encourages them to walkout of the borders to study abroad, help them shape a correct view of the world, and develop their thoughts on the universe and society.
低龄留学生的痛点 Pain Points of Young International Students

Before the children set foot in another country, they do not have a suitable plan and guidance. “Parents’ preference” and “interests of agency” are prioritized. After they go abroad, those unsuitable plans will affect the personality and academic development of the students.

Unable to Adapt to Host Family

Living in a host family can bring cultural shock and problems due to different family life practices. Frequent changes of host family affect the academic development and mentality of the students.

Lack of Critical Thinking

On campus, even a student who performs well in English at home will have difficulty in understanding what is taught in class, not to mention writing papers. Low scores or even dropping out for plagiarism occur.


Difficulty in melting into the local life


Young international students may find it difficult to melt into the local life and do not have any sports expertise to contribute to teamwork games that the local culture values. As a result, they tend to be marginalized and feel inferior.


Lost in Selecting Courses


During the middle school stage, there is little academic guidance and professional and career planning targeted at international students. They are lost when they have to select courses as they are not clear about their future profession and career. Repeated changes of courses waste time.
底图Importance of Family Education to Younger Students’ Pursuit of International Education?

Family education is the Most important cornerstone for all education. Trekking the path of international education calls for close cooperation from parents. As a third party educational institution, Go Youth, school education and family education forms a solid triangle. Based on the feedback from school education and the child’s growth experience with family education, Go Youth understands and analyzes his/her personality and potential so as to provide a personalized plan. To study abroad at a young age is a big decision of life and requires full support and participation of the parents. Leaving their parents and traveling abroad to study trains and cultivates the independence of children, but whether the parents and the family get ready for this change matters. Go Youth does not work for the children only. We will communicate with parents about the plan and future of the child. We treat it as an important task to be the bridge among the child, the school and the parents.


Go Youth provides complete family counseling services and helps adolescent children get prepared mentally for the great choice of pursuing studies abroad and the setbacks they are expected to encounter when they come to a different environment.


We deeply understand your confusion and anxiety as you accompany your child in his/her journey of studying abroad. We will provide you with professional psychological counseling that enables you to accept the departure more calmly.



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