Unique Advantages

Unique Advantages

Strong Advisory Teams

We have strong educational teams around the world to carry out professional one-on-one character and potential talent evaluation for you and establish your own private educational program.

Examination Training

We have abundant high-quality and high-efficiency teachers to help you easily get across the language barrier and pass through language examinations.

High-end study tour teams

To provide comfortable, safe and personalized study tours and overseas summer school journeys.

Diversified Background Upgrading

We can make customized in-depth and comprehensive background uplifting programs for you, covering culture, scientific research, politics and sports, and are committed to creating real and perfect experience and curriculum vitae for you to make you an international citizen that develops comprehensively in both intellectual and physical aspects and to add scores for your application.

Global Network

Go Youth has set up many branches around the world to provide diversified, various and international learning and practice opportunities covering sports, technologies, life, etc..

Complete Follow-up Services

We provide services of airport pickup, help the students to register in and familiarize themselves with the new environment, and conduct one-on-one tutoring by overseas mentors. We shall also visit the school regularly as guardians and on behalf of the parents, communicate with the teachers face to face and report to the parents. We shall send the academic reports to the parents, communicate 24 hours without time difference to timely give the parents feedback of the students’ learning and life conditions, and carry out necessary psychological counseling to avoid adolescent communication problems.



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