Our Core Value


Go Youth is committed to the international education for children at young ages

We provide the most professional academic and application guidance

We build tailor-made programs to suit the needs of your children and your families


Meticulous Assessment

Go Youth education consultants shall conduct comprehensive and individualized research on the students, carry out comprehensive and accurate assessment and analysis of the students’ knowledge backgrounds, personal experiences and family elements, and fully understand and respect the students’ interests and self-expectation.


Cooperation Consensus

Our training and consultation shall be a funny cooperation experience actively participated by the students. We shall encourage students to collide with our views by using their own characteristics so that they can grow and make the whole process their stepping stone for living and studying abroad.


Perfect Guidance

We shall cultivate all our students into persons who have the ability to take the initiative to actively acquire knowledge, challenge knowledge, and create knowledge. We shall not just copy a set of what we consider to be the most complete knowledge.


Careful Services

The professional team of pure returnees will provide you with the most careful, professional, dedicated and exclusive services with their experience and practice and their sincere heart to act for the sake of you.


“Individuality” is an important part of education. Only by discovering the special part of children, maximizing their strengths, and stimulating their inherent potential, can we cultivate and shape the children for a glorious future.


Go Youth respects the differentiation and individuality of each student and builds an international education program that is unique to your children.



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