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Go youth edu provides professional solution of customized one-stop overseas education and other relevant family service regarding client's individual requirements.

Background Upgrading

base on the students' talents and personality, as well as their direction of development. We offer a variety of programs to improve students backgrounds from language, science, arts, sports and charity.

Overseas Studies

Base on the different ages of countries and schools, we provide professional and foresighted overseas studies proposal.

Follow-up Services

We are the overseas "home" for you from landing the first moments in wherever your study destination is.


Cooperation in running schools, bridging course to high school in US and UK, oversea project, sister school relationship, teacher training and etc.

Brand Story

GO YOUTH is an international education brand, a consulting firm with its set of international, professional and educational services.
Brand name comes from the Oriental Finance “We are youthful” column topic, Go Youth founder Rosa was first put up the concept of “cultural shock” and “negative cultural impact” for overseas talents during their abroad study and employment after return, the collision of two concepts made an idea for Go Youth and the brand was born.
At present, the team formed by the overseas elite and overseas teachers. Go Youth hired the most authoritative education experts and teachers team from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore, owned (UK, the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore) a number of overseas branches and provided the latest information on the elite schools to those who want to study abroad. And it gradually forming an international cultural and educational services brand network coverage, to help students and customers to achieve the dream of going abroad.
We are committed to providing high-quality educational services to younger students in China. Our mission is “sincerity, professionalism, efficiency and innovation”, takes the thought of “Student satisfaction and parental reassurance” as starting point and end-result. We are committed to creating differentiated and individualized overseas study programs for young people. Under the practice of Diversified International Education Program, we will shape their correct values and world outlook, expand the international perspective, cultivate Western etiquette and train critical thinking. So as to better enable students to adapt to overseas study and life, into the overseas community and become competitive citizens of the world.


Success Cases

Let's share some stories of our excellent GO YOUTH KIDS.

Student Wang

Student Wang is from the key middle schools, and would like to go top ranking boarding school in UK.

Student Fei

Student Fei is currently study in year 3 in middle school, would like to go top ranking high schools in Australia.

Student X

Student X is currently high school year 1 study, would like to go overseas studies to continue his year one in Canada.

Activity Review

Go Youth International Stands on the World Stage in the Year of Rooster

In January 23rd, 2017 New York time, Rosa LUO the representative of Go Youth International accepted the interview of Mickey Burns, the famous host of NYC media. Mickey Burns began to host Profiles since 2003, which has been watched by more than a million audiences. Most of the audiences hold unique views and have received higher education. The interview mainly focused on the macro trend of overseas education, the trend and development factors of Chinese young students studying abroad, and the strategic objectives of Go Youth International. Facing the rapidly increasing number of Chinese students study overseas, there are three…

Counselor Team

Our senior and profound consoler team is ready to provide you the professional suggestions for your study journey.

Hala Taweel, Ph.D

Used to work in Higher Education Consultant in World Bank Graduate from Havard University and Boston College



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