Success Cases – UK

Success Cases–UK 英国

Student Shan


School: Grade 1 in a senior high school in Hubei Province, no language proficiency proof.

Personal information: good communication skills in English, excellent academic performance in different subjects, active in learning, calm, good at thinking. Good at traditional Chinese folk dance, leadership ability.


ADOCOTE SCHOOL (ranked 4th in the UK)

MYDDELTON COLLEGE (public school)

Student Shan signed a contract with us when many excellent schools had used up their quota. These three schools were identified for still having vacancies.We provided meticulous interview training for the student to highlight her strength (especially in dance). She left a good impression on the interviewers and got the offers successfully.


Student Bai


School: Grade 1 in a senior high school in Shanxi, no language proficiency proof.

Personal information: good English ability, good performance in sciences, strong logical thinking, outgoing.

Offers: Rossall Upper Secondary School, Mount Kelly College, Royal School, Taunton Study Centre

At first, the parents were reluctant to send their child abroad and hesitated for a long period of time. We arranged them to visit 15 schools in the UK, and they made decision finally and chose five of the schools they visited. The student was cooperative in the application process and finished the exam within the specified time in Beijing. Bai also showed quick response, clear expression and logical coherence in the interview. Four schools issued offers at last.


Student Chen

School: A key high school in Beijing

Personal information: excellent performance in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, but poor English

Offer: Cambridge Tutor’s College

This student studied in a key high school in China and performed very well in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, but he under-performed in other subjects, especially English. We designed a careful and efficient English training and background upgrading plan for him and he was admitted to CTC. Thanks to his excellence in physics and chemistry, Chen continued to shine in the new school and got almost straight A. His parents arranged him to carry out his internship in a well-known bank in Beijing during summer. After graduating from high school, Chen was admitted to London School of Economics (LSE), majoring in Pure Economics.

Student Zhang

School: Grade one of a senior high school in Hebei Province

Personal information: good academic performance, average score of 87+.

Offer: Sidcot Pre-A level (Ranked 65#)

This student signed a contract with us in early October, but the deadlines of application for many schools were the end of October or many schools had used up their quota. We mobilized all possible resources to search for potential excellent schools for this student. To be enrolled in the next year, this student would still have one month to go before turning 16. No school could accept him for A-level studies. We carefully selected the schools which offered the A-LEVEL preparatory courses or which enabled the student to study GCSE the second year. The student received the GCSE offer from Pitsford and the Pre-A level offer from Sidcot. In order to study A-level courses more smoothly in the future, the student chose Sidcot.

Student Ouyang

School: Grade one in a senior high school in Liaoning

Personal information: passive in learning, poor academic performance.

Offer: Brooke House College

This student had poor academic performance, but the parents insisted on sending their child to a high school in the UK. The student did not perform well in the exam during the application process. Although he was admitted by Brook House College, he had to study English courses for a year. With the complete and intimate follow-up services that we provided after he came to the UK, the student worked hard in English and got tutoring in some professional courses. After finishing the language study, he has been admitted to the A-LEVEL courses of Brooke House College.


Student Li

School: a high school in Beijing.

Personal information: good academic performance, painting lover, painting works.

Offer: Cambridge School of Visual &Performing Arts (CSVPA)

This student lost interest in classes after coming into the high school and became more and more passive. However, Li has loved painting since childhood and has accumulated strong painting skills. In view of this personal background, we helped the student apply for the two-year arts foundation course of CSVPA. Due to his diverse works and unique conception, Li was admitted and will become a member of University of the Arts London or another art institute of higher learning after finishing the two-year course.




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